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Top 5 Dos & Don'ts for Purchasing a Vehicle

#1. First and Foremost, Do Your Research. We ask that you make your best efforts at finding out all you can about "the tricks of the trade" used by dealers/dealerships, when buying a car! Even the most reputable dealers use tricks of the trade to gain the edge. Remember, discounts, fees, and other pricing variables are all manipulative features and items, and are very tricky! It can be regained in other portions of the purchasing phase, if you don't know what to look for, before signing! So, don't even start to think you're getting a great deal just because the salesperson says, "This is the best offer, and I really went to work on this for you!"

#2. Find out about the Dealer's Invoice price. Dealer's cost where applicable, is easy to attain, but often over-looked, and usually less than MSRP. Normally, they won't just offer/give it on a new car, and almost never on a Pre-owned vehicle. Actually, more money is made off of a Pre-owned car, than a new vehicle! Make sure you view all aspects of the purchase before buying such as interest rates, insurance for the model you're wishing to purchase, down payment you're being ask to come up with, & cars with comparable features and other like models, offering the same for less. This way you know what to expect and how their competition is fairing up. Be true to yourself in the complete comparisons. Remember, the salesperson's main goal is to make as much money on you as they can, before you leave the Dealership! Protect your investment with the right knowledge, going in! Don't go in BLIND!!!

#3. Be an Avid & Smart Shopper. The internet is filled with companies wanting to give you a low interest rate, and terms based on what you send in personal information. Be aware that all you see is not all that is available, and almost never is the case once you get there, as stated, or once you apply your application. Financing is only, "An alternative means to paying cash, in a timely format, design for repayment!" Have them compete for your business, use other dealerships' comparisons to drive the deal/negotiations down, and let them know you are. Hopefully, they'll sharpen their pencils a little more for you on the deal. Remember, the cars make no money, until sold, and cost the dealerships money, everyday they sit on the lot. "So… you are really in control, if you know how to control the sale!" Use credit unions and local banks to attain an Amortization Table, to help compute your car notes. This will help you pin-point where you are in the notes, when computed correctly. A complete outline , the system the dealerships use, and how to combat it, along with all you'll need is found in, our Buyer's Guide, "What the Car Salesman Won't Tell You ~We Will!". Purchase here in our web store, and Barnes and noble online. Put the power of our expertise at your fingertips, downloadable to your Iphone or computer. Complete with information and an 800 number to reach us on the day you're at the dealership.

#4. Bring a Co-Shopper for Added Support. Having a person who may have the insight to hear what you may not, can often help you to avoid mistakes you may sign for. Make sure this person has more knowledge than you about purchasing a car. Have them do a complete walk-around for you on the vehicle before signing, and/or have them re-read portions of the Retail Installment Service Contract/(RISC) which may not be fully understood by you!

#5. Always make sure the negotiations for your TRADE-IN offer is separate; especially if it's paid off! Often times the offer is de-flatted when the new vehicle's price is negotiated. This is called, "Scooping the Trade!" It is commonly used everyday, nationwide!


What every dealership hopes you never find out:

About Packing:
A term used to give the dealer added room needed to cover the over charges in the contract, especially if they know your credit will hold it! This is done by over inflated notes quoted, then when they throw in other services or items, they'll make it appear as if they gave them to you! NOT SO; (Packing a Contract) is the most often and commonly used Trick of the Trade, and gives big profits, to the dealerships.

Getting around the inflated interest rates:
Most Dealerships up the points by at least 2-3 points, above what the bank sends as a Buy-Rate. Be cautious, especially good & excellent credit customers. Find out how to do this, in our Buyer's Guide, "What the Car Salesman Won't Tell You ~ We Will!

Knowing the system salesmen use on you at the desk, (Find this in our Buyer's Guide):
Learn what they do, and more importantly how to combat it! We show you step by step how to beat the dealers, at their own game! Trust us, they don't want you with this information, or the Downloadable Buyer's Guide on your Iphone! It's REAL TIME help at your fingertips, while you are at the dealerships!

See our Buyer’s Guide, “What the Car Salesman Won’t Tell You ~We Will!”, at ( or order it here; inside our shopping cart at  You’ll never buy a car the old way again!

When  in doubt about the deal you‘re about to make,  DON’T SIGN ANYTHING!! Contact us at 281-397-0633, or our Mobile Nationwide Service Line, 713-585-1132, putting you in contact with a representative in your area.  Always remember, Car Buyer’s Etcetera  does not represent dealers and dealerships. Keeping your business from being compromised, and/or our hands being  tied to the dealers.  Simply Put...We Work for YOU!